Safely store cars with Steelboys car lifts


Steelboys reliable hydraulic scissor lifts safely and effectively bridge any level. The car lifts are equipped with optimal safety features and tailor-made This means that a tailor-made solution is always possible. The CLX smart is a car lift where accompanying persons is not allowed. Of course there are also solutions where you can stay in the car, see the models "Smart Mix" and "Flex Mix"


Autolift type CLX FLEX is a perfect solution to transport your cars invisibly to the basement. When you arrive, you request the lift using the coded remote control. Then the elevator comes up and you can drive the car on the elevator. You get out of the car and send the elevator to the basement. There the door opens automatically and you can drive out of the car. The hood construction closes the opening at the top watertight and your cars are safe and dry in the parking basement.


This car lift is a perfect solution where cars are parked under the residential complex. You call the elevator and the entrance door opens automatically. Then drive the car into the elevator and go down using the push buttons. There the door opens and you can drive into the parking basement.


The CLX FLEX MIX car lift is an ideal parking solution in your driveway, where people can remain in the car. The lift disappears invisibly in the street work and can be called up via a remote control. The solid roof construction can be driven over by cars and ensures a safe closure. Optimal safety is guaranteed by walls and light frame protections.